Who We are & What we do ?

We are a part of btao team and we are here to make our ideas in to reality

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About Our Journey

Hey Young Aspirant,

We are all pursuing our graduations in the stream of computer science, we started our journey with a project called BTAO which stands for

BTAO -bachelor technology application oriented

This project is all about objectives of each and every subject in the btech with respect to respected branches, and we have succesfully launched this website in our college as a part of technical symoisum conducted by our department, Really it boosted us a lot and we look forward and conducted so many workshops and hackathons and slowly we moved towards journey of innovation as a part of it we have developed and developing products.

The initial project i.e., BTAO will really made us to discover the best version of us hence we re-defined it as follows

B - Be Aware of Your Future
T- Think About Technology
A- Apply it in your life
Observe the Changes in your life
" That Changes will makes you brighther in your career"

Our Ideas



Our amazing team

We met different people, we were inspired, and we loved it. We a team of people who believes that, the word “Impossible” can be “possible” If you love it. We choose our careers, our journey in a different way than other 90% do, because we are passionate about building our ideas into reality. We love building the products.

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Vijayanagaram Rahul

Full Stack Web Developer
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Sai Sandeep

Project Manager
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BTAO Family